Regenerative Agriculture

In a changing world, farming can be at the forefront of public health, food security, tackling climate change and creating societal equality.


Are we sacrificing soil?

There is a significant knowledge gap around soils, which includes understanding how they work and how to manage them from a regenerative agricultural perspective. A recent BBC article (Harrabin, R. 2020) explains that only 0.41% of environmental monitoring funding is spent on soils (£284,000). The rest goes towards water (£60.5 million) and air (£7.56 million).Continue reading “Are we sacrificing soil?”

Land Use and Net Zero

In January, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its latest report on Land Use and getting to a Net Zero UK. The main purpose of the report is to discuss how land use can support this whole sale change in how we de-carbonise the economy and sequester carbon out of the atmosphere. The agricultureContinue reading “Land Use and Net Zero”

What is a Cover Crop

Diversity is really important when you consider adopting and integrating cover crops into your rotation. The first question you should ask yourself is what do I want to achieve from using cover crops? Do you want to help alleviate compaction, increase soil organic matter levels, suppress weeds, improve soil structure, improve your soils ability toContinue reading “What is a Cover Crop”

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

Wendell Berry

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