Building Resilience is Crucial

If there is one thing the global coronavirus pandemic has shown, it is that an international crisis can happen quickly. That same devastation is already happening for certain parts of the world when it comes to climate change. It will happen here too. A recent study suggests that ocean ecosystems could start to collapse asContinue reading “Building Resilience is Crucial”

Are we sacrificing soil?

There is a significant knowledge gap around soils, which includes understanding how they work and how to manage them from a regenerative agricultural perspective. A recent BBC article (Harrabin, R. 2020) explains that only 0.41% of environmental monitoring funding is spent on soils (£284,000). The rest goes towards water (£60.5 million) and air (£7.56 million).Continue reading “Are we sacrificing soil?”

What is a Cover Crop

Diversity is really important when you consider adopting and integrating cover crops into your rotation. The first question you should ask yourself is what do I want to achieve from using cover crops? Do you want to help alleviate compaction, increase soil organic matter levels, suppress weeds, improve soil structure, improve your soils ability toContinue reading “What is a Cover Crop”

Farming and Climate Change

It is important to understand that the context of farming and climate is not just linked to reducing emissions, but rather the wider need to be part of the solution in mitigating global warming, but also in adapting to fit in to a changing climate. Soil is one of the most important carbon sinks. ItContinue reading “Farming and Climate Change”

What is Agroforestry

The term agroforestry encompasses a number of different models. For example, silvopastural (integrating trees into grasslands), silvoarable (integrating trees into arable fields), agrosilvipasture (integrating trees into a mixed farming system) and forest farming (more commonly known as the edible forest). The basis of this way of farming is using trees to benefit food production andContinue reading “What is Agroforestry”

Soil – a happy and healthy farm

When you think about the fundamentals of a farm, soil should always be one of the main priorities—if not the main priority. It is the lifeblood of a farm and provides the building blocks for everything else. Without a healthy soil, you do not have a healthy farm business. It is also the beating heartContinue reading “Soil – a happy and healthy farm”